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Black and White-Cover(v.2) by Espherio Black and White-Cover(v.2) by Espherio
EDIT: This is not exactly how I want it to turn out, I will probably continue messing with this later. This was actually my initial idea/intention for the cover, this metaphorical blindfold. I just couldn't summon the guts to splatter Alter's face with ink after I had worked so hard, even though the eye actually ended up looking a bit wonky.
Then I remembered- I can still do this, digitally. The symbolism isn't as powerful here as I think it would be if I legitimately went crazy with inks and acrylics and completely vandalized this painting. I still might do so, I just really need to get over my nerves first... I also feel like the new splatters take a bit away from the corner ink splatter, which is actually extremely important, at least to me.
Any who, bottom line, this is my idea, I think I want it to happen, however I'm not sure it I am/will ever be ready to do it to the real painting. Please, tell me what you think! Your guys' input really means a lot to me! At this point, there is still going back.

Sorry for the multiple uploads, everyone! Finally finished the typography, although it's not perfect. I have school work piling up to my neck, so please bear with me here! C:

Page one: [link]

See original painting here:

Black and White page: [link]

Thank you!
beeZah Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The other one is awesome, but this one has more symbolism.
Espherio Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah, I'm still debating this, haha! We'll see..
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